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This is Captain Annqii, from the Delta Spacestation.

We've detected an anomaly on EARTH. A never-before-seen creature has been discovered on the planet. It seems to be able to shift in and out of camouflage, blending in with its surroundings freely. We've received multiple reports of attacks; with 6 recorded fatalities so far and several more injuries.

We don't know much about these creatures, except that they're ravenous, vicious, and can stalk their prey for hours before determining the best moment of attack. We can assume from this that they have some form of logical sentience, making them highly dangerous. We've noticed high concentrations of activity at Camp SPAWN and [other warps?], and advise ill-prepared adventurers against visiting these areas until the situation is under control.

We at the Delta Spacestation will be offering a hefty reward for anyone who can bring in a good amount of these creatures, dead or- well, dead. Please don't send us any live ones. A sample size of 100 should be good."